Sunday, February 2, 2014

The SHTF Index

I thought a few words were in order now that the SHTF Index has been updated. As you can read via the index in the sidebar - pure Economic Collapse has been strengthened even further on the Index and is now at the 86 level - the highest ever but similar to the past four years+. While the MSM ebbs and flows in their frequency talking about how 'fragile' the entire system has become (evidently) - that is indeed on the upswing recently with questions about emerging world currencies and China's banking system. Other indications of impending problems are the 'flattening' yield curve on bonds in the USA.... one can feel the fear of deflation....... So, what would an Economic Collapse be like? IMO, it would indeed be the worst case scenario with huge implications IF 'they' TPTB (the powers that be) weren't able to upright the sinking ship within a week or two at most. There are some very good post SHTF videos on this website you are reading so dig in.

Holding securely the 2nd most feared scenario - NO ELECTRICITY for a very extended period. .... IMO, this more than likely would also be enough to bring an end to normal civilization as is the real probable reason we live in the big brother world we do live within. (Perhaps with some real reason if the whole EMP idea is valid.) Indeed, this scenario is perhaps the scariest as it would begin with NO OFFICIAL INFO and would go down from there. Roving gangs is probably quickest in this possible SHTF.

Falling to third in 2014 was the 'one world government' - as things are probably getting harder to control as opposed to easier IMO. It is a judgement call and still is the probable goal of TPTB IMO. But, currencies and simply the undercurrent of dissatisfaction by the various populations at their country being at the short end of the economic stick - could well prevent a OWG in anything less than the already Big Brother counties that are leading the sheeple willingly. Also falling was WW3 for much the same reason as the above, who's willing to go fight somewhere else when the conditions are so crappy where you are?

Now with a number above 50 - is the simple removal of the internet or cellphones from functioning reality (for whatever reason). IMO a HUGE disruption would occur in the streets and the conspiracy mode would kick into high gear. From there it is all an open season as to the outcome. Now down to the 50 figure is the issue of Alien Disclosure or Forced Alien Disclosure and still dropping. Indeed, the effects of the USA's 'UFO Disclosure Answer' in late 2011 is only now being recognized by a few observant people. That said, a forced alien disclosure... with 'alien craft' just sitting over a few world class cities for a few days.... would bring about an upheaval still for a couple weeks at most) IF THEY LEFT within a few days of hovering.

When The SHTF will talk about the minor index mentions in another upcoming posting.
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Peddling Fear And Armageddon On BIN?

IF you are not aware of the website Before It's News - you might want to check it out - as it has certainly staked out the 'far edge' of politics and the SHTF scenario positionings; which makes for some very interesting reading. One problem.... once you have been reading the same extreme stuff for about 6 months to a year --- you certainly begin to wonder if what it all is about is peddling Fear in our very uncertain world.

Common themes on BIN (Before It's News) can be found in our own SHTF index in the sidebar. For example - on today's top stories only (so to limit the endless list) you can find:
I plan to do this again a few months ago... you will see the theme. The real loonies had control of BIN in 2012, now that element is largely shut up. Anyway, thought I'd share this angle on BIN.
Lots of good stuff is in the archive - take a look at the sidebar for much more.
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

World Economy - "1930's Style Debt Defaults Coming" - IMF Research (CNBC Link)

The majority of people who still haven't become sheeple, are well aware that the fiat money system could collapse any time from tomorrow, to three decades from now. This CNBC link suggests that the IMF is really planning for that to become a reality. DEFAULTS LIKELY SAYS IMF, YES are talking about countries now - well beyond municipal defaults like Detroit, etc.

"It is clear that governments should be careful in their assumption that growth alone will be able to end the crisis. Instead, today's advanced country governments may have to look increasingly to the approaches that have long been associated with emerging markets, and that advanced countries themselves once practiced not so long ago," they said.
Delving into the realms of history, they detail the widespread default by both advanced and emerging European nations on World War I debts to the United States during the 1930s. The research suggests that "collective amnesia" of this history has led to current policies that in some cases risk exacerbating the final costs of deleveraging.
The economists suggest that there are five different outcomes in dealing with this debt and highlight a "prototype" recovery period from their previous research. Economic growth is discounted as being too rare by both economists and austerity packages (as seen in Europe since the financial crash of 2008) are deemed as being insufficient. Instead, the size of the problem suggest that debt restructurings would be needed, they add, particularly in the periphery of Europe. The solution they propose, based on a typical sequence of events in history, shows some combination of capital controls, financial repression (like an opaque tax on savers), inflation, and default.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Capitalism and the Destruction of Life on Earth: Six Theses on Saving the Humans

Hello Fans of WhenTSHTF - appreciate you stopping by today. This blog has lots to dig into if this is your first visit - make sure to NOT miss the INDEX in the sidebar for my subjective guess as to what would most likely be the tipping point into chaos. All that said, we continue to muddle along with boatloads of Fiat Money.... for now. Today's post looks as if one were VERY worried about the Global Warming situation - and what mankind can do about it..... not really something I'd advocate but a good scare for you if you (no mention of MARS warming up or that the CO2 levels had DE-Coupled from the Temperture charts - and why no mention of NON rising sea levels the last few years? Anyway - give it a read Here.
Seems CNBC took a moment to cover one woman's slide from the middle class to the homeless Streets - all while the MSM touts the end of the Great Recession since 2009. Nonsense.
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